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Medical conspiracy theories

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According to a recent study (reported on here and here) about 50% of Americans believe in some type of medical conspiracy theory.  Some of these include:

  • Health officials know that cell phones cause cancer but are doing nothing to stop it because large corporations won’t let them
  • The CIA deliberately infected African Americans with HIV
  • A link between childhood vaccines and autism is being hidden from the public
  • Genetically modified organisms are being used to shrink the world’s population
  • The FDA is preventing the public from getting natural cures for cancer and other diseases because of pressure from pharmaceutical companies
  • Water fluoridation is just a way for companies to dispose of hazardous chemicals

It is certainly not a surprise to me that people believe such things, but I find the numbers disappointingly high.  Science education is more important in today’s technological society than ever in the past, and it seems we are failing the public when so many people believe such nonsense.


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